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Nake Little

Jag är här för att skapa kaozzz i Hässleholm!

Vem är Nake Little?

Nake Little är en mindre självständig artist från Kristianstad med stora drömmar. Han gör allt från att producera till att sjunga i sina låtar och har på tre år i musikbranschen lyckats kamma hem över 150 000 streams på Spotify.

Enligt Nakes Spotify:
A former honours-roll student of economics, Nake Little decided to interrupt his academic business career after a severe heartbreak left him lost of purpose. Musicwriting became the escape of reality, and a tap in to a dream. Without any former musical experience, Nake determinedly built his own home studio and spent countless sleepless nights studying the craft of music production. Now, through high-tempo melodic rap, charactarized by a dark, raw, gritty yet soothing and sensitive vibe, he conveys the voices of his mind. Working close with his childhood friend and producer TheKidIsABeast aka, Nake released his first three singles, , and 22:th of June 2019, igniting his passion for music – which quickly got him hooked for another seven-track-project in October, following up with the EP in April, which all gained some local traction. Ever since, Nake has consistently released singles along with visuals to portray the visions of his mind. Nake Little is fully independent and taught himself to record, write, distribute, market, edit and engineer musical compositions of off Youtube tutorials, slowly turning music into his real business career.

”Purpose aint taught in school, you gotta create your own” – Nake Little








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